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Our Services

IT Solution

Transformation Integration Solution

Server transformation, Network Integration, Information Security Solutions, Collaboration & enduser compution solutions

Data Center

In house Data center builtup
IT & non IT Data center builtup
Data center revamp
Data center Security

SAPB1-Implement & Support

SAP B1 License sales
Implementation of ERP
and Support
SAP AMS Support

Hardware Integration





Serveillance Solution

Video Conferenc Solutions

Active and Passive Network Components

Microsoft Service (0365 and Azure )

End Point Security Solution

Telecom Solution

Managed Service

Managed DC services
Managed Security Services
Managed Network Services

Voice Solution

PRI connections
SIP Trunk
VOIP Services

Connectivity Solution

Internet Lease Line
MPLS VPN & L2 multicast
Point to Point

Enterprise Security Solutions

End Point Solution

Endpoint protection solutions leverage a multilayered approach that utilizes multiple technologies working in a dynamic equilibrium, which has the ability to constantly.

Threat Intelligrnce

Threat Intelligence service provides global knowledge on targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-days and botnet activities.

Cloudbase Sand Boxing Solution

Sandbox solutions consists of multiple types of sensors that complete static analysis of code, deep inspection of the sample with machine learning.

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SAP on Cloud Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure Services

SAP on CI Mulititelent

SAP on

SAP ON CI Dedicated


Migration And Application Services

Hybrid/ Multi-cloud Managed Services

SD WAN Solutions

Edge Devices
Multi-Tenant Control Management
Orchastration & analytics
Data Transport Cloud Networking Implementation,
Migration and Management

Communication & Fire Security

Telecom Solution( EPABX, Gateways & Intercom.
Time-attandance and Access control Solutions.
IP Video Survillance Solutions.
Video Conferencing and Audio Conferencing.
Addressable Fire Alarm Solutions.
Conventional Fire Alarm Solutions.

Our Partners

Facility Management services

Data centre and database management

Technical hardware management support

Technical hardware management support

Network management support

Help desk
management support

Field engineer & technical support

IT Infrastructure Audit

We will Produce a comprehensive IT Audit report that includes a complete review of your:

Servers & Desktops

Networking and Security

Applications and Licensing

Hosting And Internt Access

Backup and Disaster Recovery

IT Team and Stackholders Technology